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Mary Immaculate Senior Residential Community, Lawrence, MA

Property Details

3 buildings,
900 total units

Product Installed

Six iQ751s

Installed Capacity

4,500,000 BTU/hr
Zero Gallons storage


New England Combustion Products

Intellihot slashes senior housing community’s heating bills by 50%.

This senior housing community’s hot water system was inefficient and had also become obsolete. Intellihot’s progressive technology offered them a much needed update that also improved their bottom line by cutting their heating bills in half.

"MI Community consists of three high rise buildings, totaling 300 apartments. In the past, in order for us to supply the apartments with hot water, we had to run three 2,000,000 BTU boilers, one boiler per building. This setup caused the boilers to short cycle, reducing the life expectancy of the boilers by four to five years. When we learned of Intellihot, from a life expectancy and efficiency perspective, we knew the improvements were going to be instant. The site's gas bill dropped by roughly 40 to 50 percent during the summer months. The rebate from the utility company was helpful and the performance of the water heater was effortless. The decision to install Intellihot units was reinforced by the support provided by Intellihot and their rep, NECP. This experience has taught me a lot with respect to the plumbing functionality of the sites, thanks to NECP and Intellihot’s support team." - Ebell Vasquez, Housing Manager 


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The Challenge

The three buildings had been relying on condensing boilers and indirect fired water heaters with 390 gallons of storage for far too long. Mary Immaculate’s facilities manager knew that the outdated system was beyond its useful life. The organization needed a more efficient method that would lower the site’s operating costs.

The Intellihot Solution

Two iQ751’s were installed in each building over 18 months, to optimize efficiency and easily handle the cold, 40 degree groundwater temperature. The fully modulating units deliver maximum input when needed and zero input the rest of the time, which slashes the facility’s water heating bill by nearly 50%.

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